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Willie's Reserve


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Willie Nelson is known for many things besides country music. His activism. His braids. His tax problems. And, you know… something else. Thanks to laws passed in 2014, Willie’s now free to share his love for that other thing—in Washington and Colorado, at least—and he’s decided it’s high time he got started. But when Willie and his people got down in the weeds to ponder the venture they were calling Willie’s Reserve, they realized they needed help. Willie’s special new product needed a brand as distinctive as the man himself, something that captured a blend of his outlaw reputation, his wisdom from years on the road, and his overwhelming belief in fun and freedom.

On April 20, 2015 (a.k.a. 4/20), Willie made it official, announcing his new project during a video interview with Rolling Stone magazine that prominently featured the Willie’s Reserve branding. The story sparked coverage from around the world, instantly putting Willie’s Reserve on the lips of everyone from activists and TV comedians to news commentators and average citizens.

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