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We are always looking for talented, positive, and inspiring people to join our team. If you have a broad range of interests and want to work on projects that will push your career forward, then take a glance on down the page here and see what fits.

Open Positions

Creative Applicants: Please provide your portfolio site as well as your resume for serious consideration.

Senior Web Designer

As a Senior Web Designer you will be responsible for creating innovative and developmentally sound web designs for various types of clients across various platforms. Along with advanced knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite staples, you have a deep knowledge of working in Figma. A bonus would be a working skillset of SVG animation tools as well as any visualization tools such as Principle. It is required for you to have an understanding of what can and cannot be done within advanced CSS, WebGL and HTML.

Senior Designer

As a Senior Designer, you will be expected to bring beauty to every design you craft. Whether it be brand identity, or web design, or packaging, or storyboards for animation, your designs should show off your incredible design sensibilities and breathe fresh visual air into the brands we service. Here at RIVAL, a great designer is a well rounded designer who doesn’t “just do one thing.” You will be expected to make everything you touch feel considered and pay attention to every detail from the kerning to the color.

Senior Motion Designer

As a Senior Motion Designer you will be responsible for making flat designs and art come alive through motion. Using a combination of After Effects, Cinema4D, and Premiere you should be able to create a fluid and impressive sense of motion that leaves the viewer engaged and excited. Applicants should have 5+ years of heavy experience in creating a variety of different types of animation including titling, 2D, 3D, transitions, and short simple animation segments. Knowledge of all widely used plug-ins and scripts is required and should be exhibited in any samples sent.



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