The Missouri Symphony


Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Motion Design/3D, Brand Voice



One of the biggest brand challenges we have ever worked on was rebranding the Missouri Symphony. When RIVAL pitched and won the work, they were the Missouri Symphony Society and had been for nearly 50 years. They had several sub organizations (The Women's Symphony League, The Missouri Symphony Conservatory) and they needed to be unified somehow. We took this cue to combine them under the one name of The Missouri Symphony (dropping Society) and putting forth MOSY as a great acronym to adopt. Ultimately, the simplest path worked the best: The Missouri Symphony Orchestra, The Missouri Symphony League, and The Missouri Symphony Conservatory.

To further solidify this moment of unity, the logos have a whole note nested within Missouri. In common time within music, a whole note represents four beats. In the identity, the 4 beats are the orchestra, the league, the conservatory, and the audience/community of concert-goers. The whole note extends through all the communications, acting as a common unifying element that The Symphony can be recognized for going forward.

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