Beach Report Card


Heal the Bay


App UI Design and Build - iOS, Android and Web, Brand Design, Brand Strategy, Motion Design, Film/Broadcast Social Campaign



Heal the Bay needed a complete overhaul of their existing Beach Report Card app for iOS, Android and the web. This cross platform app is used to display any U.S. West Coast beach’s current ocean water quality based on samples taken and reports up to the minute with live data. Perfect for parents concerned that the water may be too polluted to swim in or your average surfer not looking to get sick after spending the day catching waves. We developed a new brand identity and design system for the app as well as the complete design of the app itself. It needed to be fun and beachy, while also clearly displaying data for scientists or policymakers to reference. We crafted the color to be a combination of muted and vibrant tones, making for a modern look that lasts.From the development side, the app is complex. It pulls in a large data set minute by minute. We made sure to craft the code in a way where the app still feels snappy and dynamically displays everything without crashing or compromising on load time.

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