The Tull Family Theater

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Web Design
Motion Design/3D
Brand Voice


When we pitched and won The Tull Family Theater they did not barely have a name yet. They had been operating as a small not for profit as the Village Theater Company. Through the donations of  Thomas Tull, a large independent theater was built and needed an identity and graphic system for the building and all communications, along with a website for purchasing tickets.

We made an artistic logo that calls to mind an aperture and an eye simultaneously. The mark is actually a "T" for "Tull" surrounding a circle. This is meant to represent the immersive experience you get from witnessing the beauty of independent cinema. 

For the website, we used the theater's adopted ticketing platform's API to feed movies into the site and allowing the previews and synopses to be right there for the user. The site is maintained by the theater itself and is populated through the simple interface that we created for content.

Along with the website, we had fun creating the 4K "before the movie starts" theater intro that plays before every movie. 

The theater is a wonderful success, and Sewickley and Pittsburgh have appreciated the addition of The Tull Family Theater's independent cinema culture.


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