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Weather has been dry in Los Angeles lately, to say the least. In July, 2016, downtown LA’s five-year rain total was at the lowest it had ever been since officials started keeping track nearly 140 years ago. 

Heal the Bay takes water matters to heart. While this non-profit advocate’s focus is on protecting Santa Monica Bay, its broader mission is to protect and promote all of Southern California’s waters and watersheds—a mission they asked RIVAL to assist with in the spring of 2016. With the drought in full effect and efforts already underway to encourage water conservation in Los Angeles, Heal the Bay wanted to make an effort to educate city residents on precisely where their water comes from, plus why it’s important to reuse what they have and to get much more of it locally.


Since its launch, the Know the Flow presentation, along with the entire Know the Flow program, has earned praise from community leaders and caught the attention and imagination of Los Angelenos, resulting in more requests for speakers from schools and other groups whenever its given.