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What does confidence look like? How does trust sound? And how do you explain a system that sometimes defies human nature? These were questions that needed answering at the start of this project.

Our client, a high-finance Wall Street investment management firm, had come to RIVAL when the company was in its earliest stages and tasked us with branding the firm from the ground up. The identity would need to establish the brand, inspire investors, and carry the company forward in a field replete with big-name competition.

We began with the brand’s most elemental pieces, the name and logo, and worked to find a combination that spoke to our client’s wisdom, experience, and skill, while projecting an image of precision, trust, and reliability.

With the formal launch of Chiron Investment Management nearing, we also developed concepts for, constructed, and coded the company’s website,, where consumers can learn about Chiron as a company before getting information about the fund it’s selling.


Once established, the Chiron brand was applied to a full compliment of collateral, including business cards, letterhead, presentation templates, a company page on LinkedIn, and more.