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What happens when a product everyone knows about but has never been allowed to buy suddenly, after decades of prohibition, becomes available? 

With Burnwell, RIVAL was tasked with creating a brand that appealed to both the growing new audience of legal cannabis enthusiasts and the seen-it-all old guard that’s been around since the days of the black market. We eschewed the stereotypical stoner vibe to herald the dawn of a new, more sophisticated era with a brand meant to welcome consumers from all walks of life. Bright colors, vibrant art, and stunning photography paint the picture of an active, social lifestyle where Burnwell enhances fun-filled party times and calm, reflective moments alike.


From start to finish, each aspect of the Burnwell brand was created to bridge a gap and unite the old school of cannabis consumers with the new, to catch eyes and capture interest, as well as raise the bar for legal cannabis marketing to a new high.